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Flower of Evil Recap Index

Flower of Evil Recap Index

Genre- Thriller/ suspense, Melodrama, Romance, Crime/Mystery

Cast- Lee Joon-Gi as Baek Hee-Sung , Moon Chae-won as Cha Ji-won

Flower of Evil Episode 1 Recap
Flower of Evil Episode 2 Recap

Series Review

Short summary

Baek Hee Sung is a metal craftsman who lives with his wife Cha Ji-won, a detective from violent crimes unit and daughter Baek Eun-ha. They live a loving and perfect life.

Reporter Kim Moo Jin writes articles about serial killers and murders. His recent article is about the gruesome Yeonju murders committed by serial killer Do Min Seok around 18 years back. Kim is curious to track down Do Min Seok’s son Do Hyun Su. He is sure that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as it is rumoured that Do Hyun Su assisted his father in the serial killings. Do Hyun Su had vanished from the village after killing the village foreman and is wanted for the murder. Kim one day stumbles across Baek Hee Sung and finds (recognises) that Baek Hee Sung is none other than Do Hyun Su, the son of the dreaded serial killer Do Min Seok.

Do Hyun Su doesn’t like the fact that Kim found him. He vows to do anything to keep his identity a secret from the world and most importantly- his wife Cha Ji Won. Luck isn’t on his side as it so happens Cha Ji-won ends up on a case which leads her to work on the very same case. What follows forms the rest of this thrilling series.

The series is fast paced and gets off to a quick start. It doesn’t waste a single moment the runtime. This series is packed with thrills and twists.

The screenplay is really good and the manner in which the story unravels is interesting. The story shows two timelines in every episode, the past and the present. The flashbacks which start of every episode are thrilling and they make the series mysterious and thrilling.

The layered plot is skilfully executed. Every episode ends in a cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer with a lot of questions, which are immediately answered in the following episodes. This drama has many twists and plotlines that keep the viewer gripped from beginning to the end. What is nice about the plot is that it looks like there are lot of unanswered questions but everything is answered in the end.

The drama has a perfect casting as all the actors fit into their roles perfectly. The supporting cast bring the air of mystery into the drama. Every character is important and they add an interesting twist to the story.

This series is one of the best thrillers out there. Namely, the scenes with Do Min Seok and Hee Sung are thrilling to watch. The police team is efficient and it is interesting to see the way they solve cases.

Hyun Su’s character is an intruiguing one as it takes quite some time to form a judgement over his character. Initally one’s judgment keeps swaying and this made the series very interesting. The antagonist roles are very interesting as well. The character sketches of all characters are  beautifully written.


What starts of as a perfect loving relationship between Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji-won, quickly spirals out of control once Ji-won opens the Pandora box. The complicated relationship between the couple has been portrayed very well in this series. There are many emotional and noteworthy scenes between the leads in this series which is top notch.

The series starts off with very little details, so it keeps the viewer guessing. The pieces of the jigsaw are dropped like breadcrumbs throughtout the series and it all fits in neatly in the end.

The scenes where Kim Moo Jin and Do Hyun Su share screen space always a pleasant watch.

There are a lot of aspects that were outstanding in this drama:

·         Its pace

·         Character sketches

·         The acting

·         Thrills

·         Unexpected twists

·         Dialogues

·         The flashbacks at the start of every episode.

·          The background music and OSTs.

·         Script and screenplay



Lee Joong Gi portrays the demanding role of Baek Hee Sung/ Do Hyun Su. Do Hyun Su is a mysterious character who lives a normal life under a false identity of Baek Hee sung. He is determined to go to any lengths to keep the life which he tried so hard to build. He is diagnosed of a mental illness at a young age and he makes sure that no one finds out that he doesn’t have emotions. Lee Joon Gi brings the character to life in a remarkable manner as Do Hyun Su’s character is a complex one.

Moon Chae Won portrays Cha Ji Won,a righteous detective from the violent crimes unit. Ji-won works in her dream job and is married to the love of her life Hee Sung. In the beginning, she comes across as a soft character but as the series progresses we see how much she evolves as a character. Throughout the series, she struggles to walk the line between a righteous cop and a loyal wife. Though she says she will side with her husband at any cost, she does comes across as a cop no matter what happens. Moon Chae Won portrays Ji-won being torn between Hee Sung and her job in a great manner.

Seo Hyun-Woo portrays Kim Moo Jin. A reporter who will do anything unethical to get the exclusive story he wants. The only light hearted part of the series revolves around Kim Moo Jin. One takes time to warm up to his character but later on he ends up as one of the favourites. He has his share of secrets too.

Jang Hee-Jin portrays Do Hae Soo, Do Hyun Su’s sister. A quiet personality who nurses a guilt carried on from many years. She faces the impact of being the daughter of a serial killer and lives a lonely life. Being the closest to a mother figure to Do Hyun Su, Hae Soo is a very important character to the plot and like her brother and Kim, she has a secret too, which is eating her from the inside.

Kim Ji-Hoon portrays Baek Hee Sung. Though the series has many antagonists, the choicest of them is Baek Hee Sung. He comes in the later part of the series and his role shows how important an antagonist is to a plot. His performance takes the series to an entire new level. Towards the end of the series one feels uneasy whenever is on screen. Every scene he is in is thrilling and gripping.

The supporting cast have done an amazing work and my favourite are Choi Jae Sup, Baek Eun-ha, Do Min Seok, Baek Man Woo and Gong Mi-ja. The actors who portray the teenage/adolescent versions of the characters have done an exceptional work as they resemble their adult counterparts in mannerisms and acting.

When I started watching the series I expected the crime thriller with a bit of melodrama. The crime part of the series delivered beyond expectations but the psychological aspect of the plot came as a surprise package. In fact, this is the part which makes Flower of Evil one the best dramas. The series shows what a misdiagnosis can do to a person. It also shows how society looks upon mental illness and the social stigma surrounding family background. It also shows how much the environment and family affects a person’s mental health. The series portrays complex emotions in a deeply emotive way. While watching the show it is the crime suspense that hooks one to the series, but after it is over it is the emotional aspects that remains with the viewer.

Flower of evil is easily among the best dramas list and is a must watch!

Ost picks

I Feel You


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The King- Eternal Monarch Recap Index

The King- Eternal Monarch Recap

 Genre- Historical, Fantasy, Romance
The King- Eternal Monarch Episode 1 Recap 
The King- Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap 
The King- Eternal Monarch Episode 3 Recap
The King- Eternal monarch Episode 4 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 5 Recap 
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 6 Recap 
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 7 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 8 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 9 Recap 
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 10 Recap 
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 11 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 12 Recap
The King:Eternal Monarch Episode 13 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 14 Recap 
The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 15 Recap
The King : Eternal Monarch Episode 16 Recap (Series Finale)
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Series Review


The series follows King Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) of the Kingdom of Corea, who discovers the existence of a parallel universe.
In 1994, tragedy strikes 8-year-old crown prince Lee Gon as his power monger Uncle Lee Lim kills the King (Lee Gon’s father) to obtain Manpasikjeok – legendary flute that gives the possessor immense power. Lee Lim almost succeeds in killing Lee Gon too but a mysterious figure enters the scene and saves Lee Gon. Lee Lim flees the scene with one-half of the flute while Lee Gon manages to keep the other half. The mysterious figures leaves behind an object (ID card of Lieutenant Jung Tae Eul) which Lee Gon procures. Lee Gon is puzzled as the ID card has been issued at a future date. Lee Gon grows up with the intention of meeting his saviour one day.
Meanwhile, Lee Lim vows to get what he wants and starts working on it while laying low. King Lee Gon is raised by Court Lady Noh and Prince Buyeong amidst tight security. Captain of the Royal Guard Jo Yeong is Lee Gon’s closest aid and confidant.
Tae Eul (portrayed by Kim Go-eun) is a Lieutenant at the Police force in Republic of Korea (Parallel world). She lives with her father who runs a Taekwondo centre. She works in the violent crimes department along with Shin Jae, her friend from the school days.
One day, Lee Gon comes across the portal that connects the parallel world and meets Tae Eul. Lee Gon realises that Lee Lim is still alive and plotting something sinister. What happens from there forms the rest of the storyline.

What sets The King-Eternal Monarch apart from the other stories with time-related plotlines is the concept of parallel universe. The contrasting worlds of Kingdom of Corea and The Republic of Korea were well made. For starters, both the worlds are set in the same timeline. The attire and technology are the same in both worlds. The Kingdom of Corea has Constitutional Monrachy  Government while republic of Korea has a Democratic Republic.

Seeing the title, I assumed it would be having a historical touch to it. But this series came as a surprise. It is more of an urban fantasy with a touch of scientific fiction.

The Kingdom of Corea is interesting to watch, as it is more of an alternate reality. The functionality of the Constitutional Monarchy was well portrayed. The justice system was well-managed when compared to Republic of Korea (our world). It was interesting to see how the Kingdom wasn’t a divided nation and how the political situation was penned.

Another interesting aspect of this series is the use of doppelgangers. Almost every character has a doppelganger since it is a parallel universe. Every character has an important role to play in the plot and that was well woven into the script.

The first few episodes of the series were disoriented and confusing. The switching between the universes was unclear as one isn’t familiar with the characters early on. The screenplay in the beginning could’ve been better, as it was more of a by-the-numbers execution of the script. It took time for the viewer to relate to the characters and their emotions and at the same time understand the plot.

After the initial hiccups in the first few episodes, the story picked up pace and there was no looking back after that. The plot was deep and gave a lot of food for thought, as it was engaging and interesting. The plot twists were unpredictable which made them thrilling. As the story progressed, it made up for the tardiness that it had the beginning.

The entire series has a looming sadness around it. Each character has his//her perception of fate and destiny. The dialogues in scenes where the characters talk about destiny and fate were well-written.
Though the drama started off with the romantic story line first, the relationship between Lee Gon and Jeong Tae-eul  takes time to develop.  They are depicted as star-crossed lovers with the two of them being from two different worlds. Their relationship moves from compassion to affection to fondness and then love. What starts off as an ordinary romantic plot later develops into an emotional and strong love story that gels beautifully into the main plot.

The scientific fiction and urban fantasy part of the storyline was what kept me hooked to this series. It always had that mysterious air about it and was fascinating. The legend of the Manpsikjeok by itself, the portals and the time-stop were some of the parts in the series that hit the mark right from the start. The Time-travel part which comes towards the end of the series was amazing as it was depicted in an amazing manner.

Throughout the series, there were many scenes that are often revisited (Courtyard scene, night of the treason etc).These scenes were my pick of the scenes from the series. They started off by being normal scenes but towards the end of the series one realises that they hold a lot of significance to the plot and character development.

There are quite a lot of characters that the viewer takes an instant liking to. Maximus (goes by his real name Benjamin), Lee Gon’s White horse is always pleasant to see on the screen.   It is always nice to see Lee Gon’s secretary Mo, the P.R team, staff and Royal Guards work efficiently around the Palace. Their performance is what gives a regal atmosphere to the Kingdom of Corea. The setting and cinematography were a treat for the eyes.

Kim So Wol's poetry excerpts are quoted throughout the series and they were a good addition.

Lee Gon’s bond with Head Court Lady Noh (Kim Young-Ok) was well made. The unbreakable sword- Jo Yeong’s fierce loyalty (since he was 4 years old) and concern towards Lee Gon was a great watch from the beginning till the very end. One always likes watching Jo Yeong on screen. He is literally Lee Gon’s human shield.

The story has a slight reference to fairytales. For instance, Maximus shares the name with Maximus from Tangled. Lee Gon makes a reference to Alice in wonderland rabbit hole and even chases after a rabbit with a clock and black coat.

This series was splendid because of the outstanding performance by the cast.

Lee Min-ho portrays Lee Gon, the frank, composed and wise King of the Kingdom of Corea. Lee Gon is quite different from the usual Kings who are portrayed as dynamic and ambitious. Being an intellectual mathematician, he is more of a responsible and compassionate King who puts his people before anything. There is always an air of sadness looming over him, which is a burden that he carries from his past. At first, his character seems unassertive but that comes as a tip of the iceberg. As the series progresses one sees that Lee Gon is a man of his word, an unyielding and strong-willed King. The character gains respect through his prompt Kingly actions and presence of mind. Lee Min-ho’s portrayal of Lee Gon as the monarch (who has pent up rage on Lee Lim and the traitors) was noteworthy as it shows a different side to Lee Gon’s otherwise calm and serene nature.

Kim Go-eun portrays Jeong Tae Eul, a Lieutenant at the Police force in the Republic of Korea. At first, Tae Eul comes across as unkind and dull but later grows into a caring and loving character. Tae Eul who claims she still believes that the earth is flat, finds it impossible to believe that Lee Gon is from another world. But once she believes it, we see that she is a wilful and loyal person who will stop at nothing to keep her loved ones safe. Tae Eul is a practical character who doesn’t lose her sense of direction at any point. She grasps the intensity of every situation and supports Lee Gon all the way. This made the romantic aspect of the plot a good watch. It is admirable how Kim Go-eun has portrayed Jeong Tae Eul, who gradually shifts from being a total stranger to Lee Gon ( and the concept of parallel universe) to a person who joins Lee Gon in his battle against Lee Lim. Kim’s portrayal of Luna (Tae Eul’s doppelganger) is commendable as she carries off what seems to be a negative role with ease.

Woo Do-hwan portrays Jo Yeong and Jo Eun sup. It is a delight to watch the contrasting personalities of both Jo Yeong and Eun sup whenever they are on screen. Woo Do-Hwan’s portrayal of the characters which are polar opposites is laudable. His command over the two dialects was a treat to watch.  The scenes where Jo Eun sup and Jo Yeong interact are the most hilarious parts of the series.

Kang Shin-jae is portrayed by Kim Kyung-Nam. Shin-jae is a Police Officer working with Tae-Eul. Having a harsh past, he is one of the most significant supporting characters in the series.

Koo Seo Ryeong played by Jung Eun Chae, is a challenging rival to Lee Gon. With her striking wardrobe and high heels, Koo is a dynamic personality who will go to any length to attain what she wants. Jung Eun Chae does a great job in bringing the character to life.

Lee Jung-Jin portrays Lee Lim, the mysterious antagonist who seems to be having a sinister plan on his mind. Lee Jung Nim has delivered the role very well as Lee Lim gives the look of the evil and blood-thirsty cold-hearted villain.
The drama more than made up for its slow start with the following episodes and the finale. It is remarkable how the concept of time travel and parallel worlds were added into one script.
The series ended on a happy note with all characters getting a good ending. A telltale sign of a good fantasy genre drama is to leave the viewer lost in fantasy. After watching ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’, it makes one fantasize about the existence of a parallel world ruled by a King who is loved by all. It also makes one fantasize about the existence of so many alternate unverses and that makes The King: Eternal Monarch a drama worth watching.
OST Choice
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Korean Drama Recap Index

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Doctor John Korean Drama Recap

Series Review

This drama got off to a fiery start and then it took an emotional turn making it even better. It does justice to all of its genres of medical, romance and drama. I would highly recommend watching this one and I am glad I watched it while it aired.

Doctor John follows the life of the youngest Professor in anaesthesiology, Cha Yo Han, who specialises in pain medicine. He is a genius who excels in diagnosing his patients but his talent is overshadowed by a malpractice case when he euthanized a terminally ill patient who was under his care. It resulted in Yo Han being imprisoned for 3 years. What looks like just a euthanasia case, actually has something else brewing on the side, which is more sinister.

The series starts at the end of Cha Yo Han’s prison term and him going back to his job. Despite him finishing his sentence, Prosecutor Son Seok Ki (who handled his case) still on Yo Han’s tracks. Nurse Cha Eun Jeong who is obsessed with taking her revenge on Yo Han joins hands with Son in this. How Cha Yo Han manages to treat patients while handling his personal life forms the rest of the plot.

The series touches upon the controversial subject of euthanasia. It showcases the different viewpoints on euthanasia from the angle of both the patients and their guardians. Throughout the series we see the various characters talk about it, argue and discuss the subject under different circumstances. This was well scripted and depicted, as one can understand every person’s point of view.

The show focuses on pain management. It portrays the various degrees and types of pain that patients go through. It also depicts the suffering that they go through realistically.

Few episodes into the show and one comes across the rare disease called CIPA where a patient doesn’t feel pain or temperature and doesn’t have the ability to sweat. CIPA patients do not live past the age of 5. Later, it is revealed that Cha Yo Han is a CIPA patient who has managed to survive all along by using methods that he has devised. The scenes showing how Yo Han goes about his day to day life and the in-depth portrayal of life as a CIPA patient is commendable.

Pain is always considered bad, but the latter part of the show focuses on how important it is to feel pain and how it helps to keep one alive. It shows pain as a means of communication the body uses to let one know that something is wrong so that it can be treated.

It also portrays how the lives of the doctors are affected while they treat various patients. The scenes with the patients are so well made that the viewer can connect with the patients and their life. As the series progresses, one shares the same feelings of that of the doctors treating them.

One of the significant parts of the drama was where the show highlights how difficult it is for the guardians of the patients and what they go through while supporting their loved ones.

The medical content in the drama is of great quality and educational. Each case covers the symptoms, diagnoses and treatment in a detailed manner. Since each disease is a rare one, one also learns how difficult it is for the doctors to diagnose it as the symptoms often overlap with other diseases.

The relationship between the leads is that of understanding and care. Their relationship grows stronger with every episode and is based on supportiveness. Every scene where the leads shared screen space was a great watch. The romance plot is in par with the medical content of the drama which is exceptional. It was interesting to see how the medical content intertwines with the romance plot.

This was yet another remarkable performance by Ji Sung who portrays Cha Yo Han, a doctor who stops at nothing to treat his patients. He fits the role of the melancholic, secretive, composed but assertive Cha Yo Han very well. Cha Yo Han is selfless and lives just to save his patients. It is awe-inspiring to see how Yo Han goes up against the management/laws/rules/regulations to treat his patients whom he has just met. Despite the characters mentioning that Yo Han is anti-social, he comes across as a great mentor and empathetic to his patients.

Lee Se Young has given a noteworthy performance as Doctor Kang Si Young. Kang Si Young’s character is heavily emotive and Lee Se Young has done a marvellous job with her role. Her performance in the crying scenes is laudable as it evokes sadness and sympathy for the character making the drama even better. Kang Si Young is an empathetic and competent second-year resident who is emotionally strong. This character is one of the best female leads by far, as she is matured, caring, strong-willed, loving and talented.

Lee Yoo Joon portrayed by Hwang Hee is my pick out of the supporting roles in this drama. He is a pleasant and supportive character, which is much needed for the plot.

The dialogues in the show are exceptional and it is accompanied by great acting and screenplay.

Despite it being a medical drama, the romance, legal and mystery aspects of the drama are catchy as well. The OST’s are definite additions to one’s playlist.

Doctor John is one of the most informative dramas out there. It is a layman’s encyclopaedia of rare diseases. Despite it being heavy on the subject of diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to follow. The drama, on the whole, was deep-seated and emotive. With its optimistic and happy ending, Doctor John definitely tops my list of favourite medical dramas making it a must-watch.

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Memories of The Alhambra Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Recap

Memories of The Alhambra Episode 1 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 2 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 3 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 4 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 5 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 6 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 7 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 8 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 9 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 10 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 11 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 12 Recap 
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 13 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 14 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 15 Recap
Memories of The Alhambra Episode 16 Recap

Series Review

“Memories of The Alhambra” is a swift-paced series. It follows Jin-woo, the CEO of J-One holdings as he starts playing an AR game ‘Memories of the Alhambra’. He plans to obtain the licence of the game once he learns that his archrival also intends on purchasing it. Little does he know what’s in store for him once he starts playing it. Jin-woo unknowingly walks down a path of no return and realises that he has no option but to see this through till the end.

The series nailed the fantasy and suspense aspect of the story, as they were amazing. The game which starts as addictive and interesting begins to become deadly and spirals out of control really fast.
The AR game was definitely the highlight of the series and it was enjoyable to watch. The game’s concept is well conceived and the gameplay is thrilling. It makes the viewer want to try out the game too.

This drama has a fascinating way of unravelling the suspense using the editing. There are umpteen numbers of flashbacks in every episode and the editing adds only to the suspense of the storyline without creating any confusion. There are some unclear aspects with respect to the timeline but that doesn’t affect the plot.

The romance is slow to develop and it was significant only in the later part of the series. The part played by the romantic line in this series was unexpected but essential to the plot considering the way it progressed. The romance and the main storyline don’t cross paths often and they are like two different parts of Jin-woo’s life.

Hyun Bin portrays Yoo Jin-woo, the CEO of J-One Holdings. Jin-woo comes across as a self-centred and haughty person at the start of the series. As the series progresses we find out that 2 failed marriages and betrayal from his best friend have made him that way. Throughout the series whether in the AR world or the real world, he is unflinching when faced with accusations and adversity. Jin-woo is portrayed as a gallant and frank person which makes the character even more appealing. His scenes with Hee-Ju’s sister Min-Ju are my personal favourite as it shows Jin-woo’s warm side and every scene with the two of them are well made making them a delight to watch.

Hyun Bin has given a stellar performance as Yoo Jin-woo. This series is totally a hero-centric one and he is totally convincing in his role of the determined and unyielding Yoo Jin-woo who stops at nothing once he puts his mind to it. Jin-woo is a character who has both warm and a cold side to him and Hyun Bin has nailed every emotion wherever the scene demands it.

Park-Shin Hye portrays Hee-Ju, the eldest child of the family who becomes the sole breadwinner after her parent’s death. She literally raises both her younger siblings Se-Ju and Min-Ju. Though she cries too easily and is a highly sensitive person, her behaviour is rational in any given situation. She is considerate with Jin-woo whenever he is vague with his explanations (which is always). The scenes with Jin-woo and her in the later part of the series are well made. Her relationship with Jin-woo mainly focuses on how a loved one’s support can make an impact on one’s life while going through a tough time.

Kim Eui Sung portrays antagonist Professor Cha Byung-Joon in a compelling way that makes it very easy for us to dislike the character. Professor Cha is one hard-hearted character who leaves the viewers astounded when its revealed as to what great lengths he can go to, in order to get his way. He is insensitive and has absolutely no consideration towards the people around him.

The significance of the supporting cast came later on in the series and my personal favourites were Jung Min-Ju, Seo Jung Hoon and Park Seon Ho. They added more emotion to the series.

Though the ending scene was abrupt and unsatisfactory, I am glad that it wasn’t a tragic ending but a hopeful one leaving a strong possibility of a happy ending.

This series is gripping and one cannot help but come up with theories throughout the entire show. The screenplay sets our mind thinking of the various possibilities that could have happened and that is what is expected out of a fantasy series. The storyline is intriguing as quite a few times the viewer is left wondering as to when the fantasy has crossed over into reality. Memories of Alhambra is a treat for people who are interested in both Gaming and Korean Drama. The visuals in this drama are appealing. This is one of those series that have to be seen in order to be appreciated to its fullest.

-By Soul Sword-

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Terius Behind Me-- Korean Drama Recap

Terius Behind Me-Korean Drama Recap

My Secret Terius-Korean Drama Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 31 & 32 Recap (Series Finale)

Terius Behind Me Episode 29 & 30 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 27 & 28 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 25 & 26 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 23 & 24 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 21 & 22 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 19 & 20 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 17 & 18 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 15 & 16 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 13 & 14 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 11 & 12 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 9 & 10 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 7 & 8 Recap

Terius Behind Me Episode 5 & 6 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 3 & 4 Recap
Terius Behind Me Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Series Review

Terius Behind Me/My Secret Terius is light-hearted drama. It beautifully combines the comical and mystery aspects of its plot.
The story follows Kim Bon (a black ops agent) who is in hiding after a failed operation. Jin Yong Tae is a mysterious and shady antagonist who has his own reasons for leading a secretive life. Both Bon and Yong Tae’s lives take a drastic turn when their paths cross with the seemingly innocent Go Ae-rin who leads the so-called “normal life”.
This series depicts in a funny way as to how civilians can easily foil internationally planned terror plots too. It also shows why the authorities choose to keep certain information confidential and what happens if the information falls into a civilian’s hand. It definitely reiterates in a hilarious way that civilians shouldn’t be taken lightly. The series has its own share of cliff-hanger endings despite its genre.
For a drama that has extremely funny content, it is awesome how the mystery plot maintains its pace without disturbing the comical aspect. Though some of the suspense can be guessed, the screenplay and the storyline make it interesting to watch. Despite the storyline being illogical or far-fetched at some points, it can be overlooked as it isn’t a full on thriller but a romantic comedy. The comical content keeps the drama cheery while the mystery aspect of the plot is gripping and keeps one hooked to the drama.
The series takes a realistic pace in developing the romantic relationships. The subtle take on the relationships is plausible and it makes the show even better.
The KIS (KingCastle Information Systems) is an organisation formed by the residents of KingCastle Apartments. Their investigating skills are amazing and believable. The portrayal of stay-at-home parents is laudable. The series draws a constant comparison between the KIS and NIS agents and this adds to the humour content of the plot.
This drama can be watched after a long and tiring day as it has a lot of scenes that are guaranteed to crack you up. This series also has a unique way of using the antagonists in comical scenes.
So Ji Sub portrays Kim Bon in a convincing way as “Terius” and “sitter Bon” which are two extreme characters. Bon’s evolution from the expressionless and anti-social person to a warm and caring person is subtle but definitely noticeable. Bon’s scenes with the twins are adorable and a delight to watch.
Jung In-Sun has beautifully portrayed Go Ae-rin, the tender-hearted mother of 7-year-old twins. Despite being extremely curious and a nosy neighbour, she is so warm-hearted and generous that she is bound to melt even the coldest of hearts. She is also determined character who always gets back up every time she is hit by adversity. Her courage and investigative skills never fail to amaze the NIS agents.
Son Ho Jun portrays Jin Yong Tae, the unique antagonist with amazing gut instincts. Yong Tae comes across as a cowardly and powerless character with a lot of secrets. He is someone who doesn’t hesitate to do anything survive. It is interesting to see his character evolve throughout the series and we get to know the reason behind his actions. Though he is the antagonist, the funniest scenes have Yong Tae in it. Jin Yong Tae is bound to grow on you as the series progresses.
I'm Se-mi portrays Yoo Ji Yeon’s character well as a caring second lead who is fiercely loyal. The way she deals with her unrequited love is commendable. A character who seems apathetic in the beginning slowly displays emotions and becomes one of the most lovable characters as the series progresses.
Kim Sung-Joo portrays Ra Do-woo, a quick-witted and genius-hacker who likes Yoo Ji Yeon. His confidence, maturity and patience where Ji Yeon is concerned is commendable. His skill-set makes him a formidable and necessary addition to the team.
The twins, Kim Bon’s various get-ups, the action movie titles of every episode and their funny takes on the scenes from action movies are added bonuses that make “Terius Behind Me” delightful, pleasant and a must watch series.


-By Soul Sword-